We offer custom pricing, project quotes & flexible payment options for digital services & solutions

If you’re considering engaging our agency’s services, you may have questions about our pricing. As a transparent solution provider, it’s important for you – the client to understand how we price our solutions and services as well as other pricing models in the digital industry.

• Accompanied by your custom quotation is a standard agency contract outlining what we are mandated to do for you based on the project quotation.
• Payment plans are available for long-term projects based on milestones or phases
• We offer add-on agency services such as photography, video production, creative design, printing & branding – at an add-on rate.
• All prices are exclusive of V.A.T and are either one-off or renewable monthly, bi-annually or annually.

Social Media Marketing

Data-driven campaigns

Our social media marketing in Kenya is highly targeted to reach your prospective customer or audience resulting in higher conversion-rates for your digital marketing budget. We take time to understand the client’s requirements, advise on the best course of action and develop digital marketing strategies that will deliver on the current campaign objective

Website Design & Development

Functional WordPress Websites

Every of our website designs are custom-developed to meet our clients’ objectives whether personal blogs, small business websites, e-commerce stores or campaign landing pages, we are driven to create masterpieces for you.

Google & YouTube Advertising

Search, Display (Banner) and Video Ads based on Google Network,

Advertising on Google will display your messaging on either or both the Search Network (Ads can appear above or below search results on Google Search. They can appear beside, above, or below search results on Google Play, Google Shopping, and Google Maps, including the Maps app or Display Network (a variety of sites across the internet which ranges from blogs to news sites and even YouTube, referred to as the Google Display Network – GDN)

KWETU Starter Package

Website design + Search Engine Optimization + 30-Day Digital Marketing Campaign

Need a functional website and some social media marketing for your business? The KWETU Starter package is just what you need – an all inclusive digital package to get your business or brand get started online.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank Higher Online & Acquire quality leads

Our search engine optimization services go a long way in assisting your business acquire better leads more frequently. We perform on=page & off=page SEO in 3 affordable packages.

E-commerce Store Development

Start selling online with your very own store !

We enable individuals, small & mid-sized businesses and established industry brands – sell their products online. Our WordPress CMS online & e-commerce stores come fully-loaded with custom check-out systems, inventory management, shipping & tax calculations, user sign-ups and various payment modes & gateways such as by – Cash on delivery, cheque payments,Mobile money e.g. MPESA Paybill & Till No’s, Card payments, PayPal, Stripe and others required.


We offer great value for money with effective digital solutions honed from years of industry-experience and relationship-building with our clients

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Our 3 pricing models for our services & solutions

The Retainer Model: Paying a Flat Monthly Fee (Renewable)

The retainer model gives the agency the ability to charge a said fee for agreed upon services with the client. This pricing model is usually agreed upon between the customer/ client and the agency at the beginning of our working relationship. A retainer promises a list of solutions/services for a flat fee every month regardless of performance, time investment from the agency, and actual deliverables. Consider it a fee to be a client of the agency instead of a fee to get services done.

Value-Driven: Paying Based on the ROI of Your Service/ Project

The value driven approach says that if you make X, the agency will charge Y. The issue with this is that our work generally does not change when it comes to working with higher ROI industries. For example, a website is a website, regardless of how much money it will make the client; it still takes the same effort from our team to develop the website.

Hourly: Our Agency’s Pricing Model

The hourly model says that we will work at X amount per hour to achieve Y result. This is our agency’s pricing model for digital marketing services. The benefit of our model is that we empower the customer by giving them a fair pricing model and full transparency of what they’re getting regardless of their industry, return on investment for their services, or what they’re currently spending with their digital marketing agency. Our hourly model gives our clients:

A paired team of digital marketing experts who work on the account. Hourly reporting showing exactly what was done and the time it took. The ability to work with our agency within any budget

Our approach allows our clients to track what we’re working on, for how long, and when it is completed – in real time. KWETU Marketing Agency takes a proactive approach to communication in providing detailed analytics that give our clients peace of mind.

How Many Hours Do You Need For Your Project/ Campaign?

This all depends on your project. When you contact KWETU Marketing Agency we take you through a strategy session where the consultant will determine how many hours you should invest. If you don’t have a budget in mind, we will provide you with one. In our proposals, we provide a breakdown of the steps needed to achieve your goals  and explain where your hours will be budgeted. The great thing about our working relationship is that the expectation is always set. If you need more services outside of our working relationship, we simply bill by the hour.

What Is Considered “Billable Time”?

Billable time is any time our team works on a task for your creative project including website design, development, copy-writing, SEO management, PPC campaign build outs, social media marketing, and strategy sessions -both in meeting and written presentation. What we do not considered billable time are on-boarding meetings, monthly group calls, communication support.

****Project Revisions falling after project completion and/ or off-site & personal meetings are considered as billable hours due to time investment, logistical overheads and knowledge transfer by our consultants.****

How Will I Know I Am Getting The Hours I Paid For?

We use time tracking throughout the organization to report time reporting to the client.  The time reporting not only shows the overall time spent on the account, but also shows the tasks that were completed throughout the allotted hours.


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